McKearn Program – Etiquette – Blog 2

Wednesday of this first week of the McKearn program we spent in etiquette training, and we went all the way to Chicago for it! It was a long but good experience, as we learned a lot about the rules of etiquette. Since I had been through a similar training earlier, the experience was a refreshing review. I did not feel nervous or uncomfortable, and instead enjoyed talking to the other McKearn scholars and the donors. We even shared a meal together, during which we practiced using utensils properly and other rules of etiquette. The meal, company, and education that day were all great. Thank you to everyone for that experience!

The skills we learned at this luncheon will continue to aid us not only throughout our time in the McKearn program, but also throughout the rest of our lives. Knowing the rules of fine etiquette will allow us to interact appropriately with people from all walks of life. It is important to be able to feel comfortable in such a formal setting, since interviews, work meetings, etc. all can require these etiquette skills. This confidence in my abilities gives me a stronger sense of leadership, as I know that I can handle myself in any situation. And for that, again, I say thank you to everyone who made the training possible.