McKearn Program – Leadership

This first week in the McKearn program, we have been discussing and learning about leadership. One of our first assignments was to write about who we are as a leader, and I thought I would share my reflection and summary. So here it is!

As a leader, I am a chameleon – I blend in, or stand out when needed. I do this because my focus is the group of people that I am leading. I have the group’s best interest at heart, even if that requires putting my own preferences aside. To blend in and work with the others, I do my best to think, plan, delegate, and act along the lines of the group’s goal.  I focus myself and the group around the goal, because without that common goal, it is hard to recognize where I, as the leader, am going and where I am directing others. I take on the roles of communicator, speaker, and effective listener. And, I prepare myself to do any task that I would ask others to do, because it is important to be able to lead by example rather than a position of power. I aim to work with people, and ideally for the people, since the leader needs to be conscious of how their decisions affect others. I am understanding, cooperative, and acknowledging of diverse opinions and abilities. I lead because I care about others; and therefore, make my decisions for the good of everyone, not just myself. As a leader, I am a chameleon – I blend into my surroundings and join the people around me, leading quietly from the background, and standing out only through the successes of the group or when absolutely needed.


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