USOARing to Argentina

If you have read my other posts, I have mentioned a grant I applied for at NIU, called USOAR. This grant can provide students with up to $2,500 of funding for a research or artistry project! What a great deal. I applied for USOAR, and found out about a month ago that I RECEIVED THE GRANT! That means I now have $2,500 for my trip to Argentina this summer, thanks to NIU. Unfortunately, this does not cover all of the cost, so if anyone would like to fund my trip, or knows of other means for funding, I would greatly appreciate any input! 🙂

In case you don’t remember why I am going to Argentina. Here is a quick summary: I will be spending six weeks in Argentina, volunteering at the country’s only primate rehabilitation center. I’ll be doing everything from cleaning and repairing enclosures, to feeding baby monkeys. Yes, I will get to bottle-feed monkeys! I’ll also be conducting a research project while I’m there. The project is attempting to record and document the facial expressions of the Black Howler monkeys, which are the predominant species at the rehabilitation center.

No running water or electricity is a small price to pay for having the opportunity to improve my Spanish, and help animals. I can’t wait!


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